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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Create any Facebook Smiley | Interesting Trick

Happy smiley

Hello guys TME is Back with another interesting post " Create Any Facebook Smiley " . By using extensions like FaceMoods you can get many cool smileys for Facebook but those smiley only works and seen by those users who have installed that particular extension on their browser . My last post was " Add Facebook smileys in comments " and you can consider this post as the second part of previous post .

IF you haven't read my previous post then you can read it i posted a link above . Well lets start with this awesome trick to create any Facebook smiley .

How to Create any Facebook smiley .

Note :: You can use these smiley only in Chat box . 

  • In order to create any Facebook smiley all you need is a Facebook account or any Facebook Page . 
  • Choose a picture which you want to use as your Facebook smiley . The size of the picture must be 204x204 .
  • Now create a Facebook page with any name . It's up to you .
  • Upload a profile picture of the page .
  • Create a username for your Page . You can only create a username if your page have more than 25 likes . 
  • Now you are ready to shock your friends :D 
Open your Friend Chat box and write [[username]] .

Here [[USERNAME]] stands for the username of your page . See i created a page for demo . Visit my page Here  , Check the username . The username is " Upi.NaNnu.HOMEWORK " . Now what you have to do is use this username as a smiley . 

Open chat box and type [[Upi.NaNnu.HOMEWORK]] and press enter . Check the below snapshot .

post interesting smiley in chatbox .


Can i use my profile picture as a smiley  ?
Yes you can , just use the same syntax as you used above . [[USERNAME]] enter the username of your profile and you are done .

No one is liking my page i can't create a username, now what to do ?
Don't worry if you didn't get 25 likes , still you can use this trick . Just follow the below steps .

  • Create a page and upload the profile picture . 
  • Look at the URL . The url of newly created page must be look like this . Check below .

As You can see those  15 digit number . This number will work as a USERNAME .

  • Open chat box write [[15 digit number]] and press enter . Simple .
That's all guys . I hope you like this simple but still interesting tutorial about Facebook smileys . 

IF you have any suggestion or any more questions then please ask me in comment section guys . I will try to reply you as soon as possible . Thanks . 


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