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Friday, 9 November 2012


Make your Tumblr Blog Famous

Tips to make your tumblr blog famous . Get many followers instantly
Hello Readers this is the Second Part of my tumblr Series . In this post you will learn how you can make your tumblr blog more famous. Every single person who starts a tumblr wants to make his blog famous like other old blogs . In order to make it famous all you need is tons of followers but you can't get followers so easily but don't worry if you are here i won't disappoint you ,at the end of the tutorial I really want you to  reply if these tips really helped you out or not .

This Tutorial is Divided into two Parts .

Part1 : Start a Tumblr blog like a Professional.

Part2 : How to make your Tumblr Blog Famous. . .

Promote your tumblr for 5 dollar .

Tumblr Allows you to promote your post in just 5 dollars . Trust me this is the most easy way to get lots of followers in just one day . All you need is to spend 5 dollar . Write a post and below you will see an option to promote . There are two options to promote your tumblr , Pin this Post and Highlight this Post . The first one costs 5 dollars and the second one costs 2 dollars only . In the second one option you can add many signatures likes PARTY , HELP etc to draw the attention of your followers .
To understand both the options , See the below snapshots .

Pin This Post .
how to promote tumblr in just 5 dollars

Highlight This Post .
how to promote tumblr in just 2 dollars

Promote your Tumblr Through TumblrPlug .

Tumblrplug is a website which allows you to promote your blog for free . All you have to do is visit tumblrplug and connect your tumblr blog and visits other blog . Simple . Isn't it ? 

Visit tumblr plug now scroll down a bit and enter your tumblr url and your description . 
how to promote tumblr through tumblplug

Now how you get Followers by only visiting other blogs ? Yes it's true you can get many followers only by visiting other blogs . See how this works . After connecting your blog on tumblr plug all you have to do is visit other blogs . Every second , hundreds of people are connecting their blogs on tumblr plug . Now when you visit other blogs you will get highlighted on the main page of tumblr plug and same the case is with others. Others are also visiting you and checking out your posts .. Did you read my last post ? I mentioned a Point their " Post Quality Content Everyday " . If your tumblr have quality posts then i am sure while visiting your tumblr they would love to follow you .

Get Huge Followers From Facebook .

Facebook has 1 billion Active Monthly users and it is a Powerful Tool to Promote your Business Online Only if you got sources . Sources Like Facebook pages with Huge Likes or Advert . 

How to Promote Tumblr through Facebook .

If you have Facebook Page with loads of likes then it's a great news . Just pick the posts of your tumblr and post it on your Pages and those who have tumblr if they like your post they will follow you for sure but what if you have a small page ? Don't worry you can use Facebook advert option to promote your posts and this is not Free you need some money to promote your posts and trust me if you are advertising with Facebook then i believe you will get decent followers everyday .

From the Editor's Desk .

My One friend inspired me to write this post because he owns a tumblr blog and he is doing pretty good . He started their blog 3 months before and now they have 2K followers and still increasing day by day . He has Page Rank 2 . Check the snapshot below .
page rank of sumnanquotes
If he can get Page Rank 2 in just 3 months  then you also can .

 If all these tips works for him then i am sure it will work for you too . Don't forget things takes time , don't look at others because they started some ages and you are starting now . Never compare your blog with other popular blogs . If you will keep doing great work then i am sure in some months you can become like them and last but not on the least " Sorry i took so much time for writing this post " :P .

If you have any query or you want any advice then don't forget i am here and i check my blog everyday for new comments :]  Feel free to drop me a HI below  .


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